Chloe & Nick // 5x03 & 5x04

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So…  She didn’t put him on a dating site after all…  ;)


So… She didn’t put him on a dating site after all… ;)

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Favorite people →  Peter Mooney
"I went to theater school in Montreal and there was a French side and an English side.  And the very first day there was a girl I noticed on the French side.  And for the first two or three weeks of school I did everything I could to try and get her to notice me - I’d try bumping into her in the halls.  I’d bump into her at lunch.  I started to learn French.  Um..nothing was working.
And then one day before class we went into this studio and there was a big stack of crash mats off in the corner and I decided to see if I could do a flip off of the crash mats onto the ground.  I couldn’t.  I landed but I broke my nose on my own knee and left the room - blood just sort of pouring out of me.  I went out in the hall and a bunch of people were sort of tending to my bloody nose.  And she was there…that got her attention…just not as cool as I’d been hoping for.”
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house week, day two: favourite female character → remy hadley

I have huntington’s chorea. Dozen years or so, my nervous system, my cognitive skills, even my emotional balance, they’ll all start to fray. I won’t be able to fly. I won’t be able to walk. I won’t be able to breathe. [And you want to make sure your life matters?] I don’t wanna just be tightening bolts and following instructions, I want something to be different, because of me.
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Exactly how aware are you of #CloneClub’s internet shenanigans? [x]

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